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Crossing Party Lines is much more than just weekly meetups. It’s also a community of supportive citizens and neighbors, sharing what we learn and encouraging each other along the way. We celebrate our shared goals and discover how to learn from one another and explore issues in practical and productive ways.


”It helped me realize that the more I talked, listened and interacted only with friends and media sources that confirmed my own political beliefs, the less tolerant I became.”

Elise 43 new york


“An important aspect of the approach is that we are not trying to change people’s minds, but rather trying to understand more fully each others’ reasoning.”

Sarah 48 Portland

As immigration became a hot topic in the news, my job as a Border Patrol Agent became extremely controversial. I couldn’t help but take attacks personally.
— Jacob, 44, Texas

 “I am a better manager to my employees and a better husband to my wife, simply by having more capacity to listen.”

Rob 37 Seattle

“In the last few years, I have struggled to connect with family members whose values differ from mine.”

Megan 24 Raleigh


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Every community has a voice. We seek to build communities with diverse voices at the local level. And together as a nation, we champion our connected communities. 


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“Learning to talking to people with different political views.. I find myself applying it any time I need to talk to someone who doesn’t see things my way.”

Luke 39 San Francisco