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Progress through open dialogue.


Encouraging inclusive civic engagement by focusing on shared values and promoting curiosity to replace prejudice.


the conversation

National Topics

The following topics of discussion were carried out at the national level, across all active CPL cities. Topics are chosen by members, based on national polls sent out to the communities bi-monthly. 



Civic Engagement:
Who? What? Why? Where?

Fake News
(Virtual Meetup)

Foundational Beliefs:
How Do The Political Parties Vary?

Identity Politics:
Who wins? Who loses?

The Balance between Federal & State Authority

Private Prisons:
Profit and Punishment

Shared Values:
Where Left and Right Align

Healthy Democracy:
Do Americans Have Enough Time For It?

City and Countryside:
How Lifestyle Affects Politics

How does America respond?

Political Alignment:
Ideology and Your Vote

What Could We Have Done Better?

Replaced by Robots:
How to Prepare for Job Loss?

Nature or Nurture?