Lisa Swallow

Lisa Swallow, a retired training developer and technical communicator living in Portland Oregon, wanted to see if her knowledge of communication styles and Nonviolent Communication could help others create civil, respectful discourse around the politics of the day.


Kareem Abdelsadek

Kareem Abdelsadek, a Federal Management Consultant in DC and New York with experience supporting the government in building diverse teams to rally around shared missions, was driven by civic duty to apply his experience with the goal of rebuilding a shared American vision of community through political conversation conversation.


Together With A Shared Passion

Kareem and Lisa came together to create a national grassroots, salt-of-the-earth American conversation with people of varying political perspectives and from all walks of life. They stand together now, alongside their energetic team and over 2,000 Crossing Party Lines members, more certain in their belief that open, civil, respectful political discussions across America has the potential to heal the divides in our nation.