Progress through open dialogue.


Create open dialogue between Americans with dissimilar ideologies in order to increase tolerance, build communities and encourage civic engagement.



A country that cultivates the power of diversity of thought for public betterment.


Meet The Team

CPL is a community-first national organization. Our team is made of individuals across three time zones to create the weekly meetups.

Strange as it may seem, two groups named “Crossing Party Lines” started independently of one another, in two cities on opposite ends of the country, only a few months apart.


Lisa Swallow

Lisa, a grandmother and retired training developer and technical communicator living in Portland, Oregon, wanted to see if her knowledge of communication styles and Nonviolent Communication could help others create civil, respectful discourse around the politics of the day.  


Kareem Abdelsadek

Kareem, a Federal Management Consultant in Washington D.C. with experience supporting the government in building diverse teams to rally around shared missions, was driven by civic duty to apply his experience with the goal of rebuilding a shared American vision of community through political conversation conversation.


The Shared Beliefs

Neither Lisa nor Kareem had any idea the other existed until Lisa googled her group name and, to her surprise, Crossing Party Lines in NY showed up. She contacted Kareem immediately and the two discovered that though they are different in many ways – ethnic backgrounds, political perspectives, ages and genders – their visions were then, and still are, shared and aligned. 



It is possible for strangers and neighbors with different values and political perspectives  (conservative, liberal, etc.) to meet and discuss emotionally charged issues with civility and respect.




Differences in perspectives and opinions are a part of the structure and the practice of democracy.


We aim to educate local facilitators in transforming conflict into civil dialogue.


though we are different in many ways – ethnic backgrounds, political perspectives, ages and genders – our visions are shared and aligned.


Kareem and Lisa have since worked together to create a world of grassroots conversations at the national level. Every week, they lead and moderate discussions between people of varying political perspectives and from all walks of life. They stand together now, more certain in their belief that open, civil, respectful political discussions across America has the potential to heal the divides in our nation.