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Progress through open dialogue.

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Building Communities
with Open Dialogue.


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Where are the Meetups?


 Building diverse communities at the local level, by focusing on shared values and promoting curiosity to replace prejudice.


At Crossing Party Lines, we create open dialogue between Americans with dissimilar ideologies in order to increase tolerance, build communities, and encourage civic engagement. We host national conversations that reinforce shared values and celebrate our differences while respecting our differing perspectives. 


Friendly, respectful, often fun.

Our Approach

Crossing Party Lines creates opportunities for open dialogue between politically dissimilar Americans. Our discussions are moderated to keep the conversation open and friendly. Members come to listen and learn with an open mind and open heart. No judgment, just conversation.


the diversity of america

Our Communities

CPL has proven that America’s diverse perspectives aren’t a problem. In fact, the whole of our experiences is what makes this nation unique and strong. Through 70+ successful conversations across party lines, hundreds of Americans of all political perspectives have celebrated their shared goals and discovered how to learn from one another and explore issues in practical and productive ways.


Our Process

Encouraging inclusive civic engagement by focusing on shared values and promoting curiosity to replace prejudice.


Group Discussions & Meetups

Communicating across party lines isn’t easy. That’s why we have
developed a process for maintaining group discussions.


Don’t try to change minds, but instead understand them.

Conversation forums, not debate forums,


Foster civil, respectful discourse.

Give everyone present a chance to be heard.



Support & Resources


To help local organizers establish and run Crossing Party Lines chapters in their hometown, here are some resources to help getting started.



PR and advertising to help you find members.


Downloadable Introduction packages to send to any colleagues, friends, or family. 

Meeting resource Kits

Resources, guides, and tools to help drive the meetups towards enabling successful communication.